What is organic visibility?

Organic visibility is the visibility and traffic you get without paying for ads.

We are discussing organic visibility in both search and social media, where both require the same thing: Content that engages. For search engines, you need content that is relevant and credible, and that answers the users questions. In social media, such as on Instagram and Facebook, your visibility will depend to a greater extent on the users’ own algorithms, engagement and behavior. Therefore it will be more profitable to follow trends and niches.

do you want to know more? In this article, we’re going to help you a bit along the way to understanding how you can start ranking in Google search.

This is how you become visible on Google

Content, content, content. We’re just putting it out there! Without content that’s relevant, you will not be visible in Google searches either. You must ensure that you have credible and relevant content that answers the questions that your target group is wondering about. This is exactly what search engine optimization is, often abbreviated as: SEO.

If you implement these five things, you are well on your way:

  1. Hey blog!
    If you haven’t already done so, you can start by creating a subpage on your website where your content will live. What you call this page is up to you. Feel free to call it articles, blog or news.
  2. Do a keyword analysis
    So, what is it that your target audience really want to know about? A keyword analysis will help you understand where to put your focus and how your potential customers think.
  3. Organic = living
    Be sure to update your content page regularly. Use photos and videos actively and share your articles in newsletters, social media and with friends and acquaintances to increase the traffic numbers on your page.
  4. Build authority
    Unfortunately, content alone is not enough. You also need to have a website that has authority. If you score high on Google’s authority scale, you will be given priority over someone else with a lower score and the same content. You build authority by, among other things, getting traffic to your site and by being linked to from other high-authority sites. Therefore, always ask for a link if you are mentioned by someone else.
  5. Check the “health” of the website
    Take a health check of your website. If it scores low on speed and universal design, this can help reduce both the user experience and the authority score.

Do you want to become more visible, but you’re unsure where to start?

We at Montage are happy to help you! Together we can build a solid content strategy that makes you more visible and attracts more potential customers. Get in touch with us, and we’ll be happy to have a sitdown and a coffee with you and chat about SEO.

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Montage er det vi liker å kalle for et content production studio. Vi driver med innholdsproduksjon, og hjelper små og mellomstore bedrifter med produksjon av SEO-vennlige artikler, foto og video for bedre synlighet på nett og sosiale medier. Her på denne siden ønsker vi å dele litt av vår kunnskap med deg for at du skal kunne komme i gang med den digitale markedsføringen av bedriften din.

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